Are You Ready To Get Reloaded? 7 Essentials for Conference Attendees


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November 18th is coming up quickly and we are so excited to meet you at our Fearless Reloaded Conference. The conference not only serves as the relaunch for our Fearless magazine, but will be full of professional development, empowering speakers, panels, and workshops all designed to uplift and inspire you in your personal and professional endeavors. When attending a conference there are always a few essentials you should keep nearby that can help make the busy day as effortless as possible. Here are our top 8 essentials to bring for the ultimate conference weekend.


1.      Your resume/portfolio: It’s always a best practice for networking to keep at least (5) resume paper copies to hand out to a potential business connection. At our Fearless Hustler’s Lounge, you’ll have the opportunity to pitch your business for cash, so bringing a physical portfolio will help increase your chances.

2.      Business Cards: We’re geared up to not only have speakers who will provide insight and advice for shaping your professional careers, but women who are seeking to make connections both personally and professionally. Business cards are a great way to network and leave essential information to follow-up with new contacts post conference.

3.      Update/Create Your Linkdin: Linkdin is the go-to resource for job hunting, networking, and reflecting your professional working history. Make sure to not only update your profile, but add fellow attendees you meet at the conference you may want to reconnect with. Developing these professional relationships on a massive online platform could help when reaching out for advice and tips in your professional endeavors in the future.

4.      Your Favorite Journal: Journals are the go-to source for inspiration, motivation and self-reflection. Taking notes will be essential for remembering all the tips, tricks, and advice from our speakers and during networking this weekend. The benefit to bringing a journal is that it’s convenient, handy, and takes the formalities of notetaking off the table.

5.      What I Should Wear To Conference: Coming dressed for success is a MUST for this conference. Your clothes should be comfortable but yet fashionable to make it through a day’s worth of hustle. Comfy heels, flats, boss pantsuits, or dresses should reflect your fearless style and personality.

6.      Research All Speakers: The Fearless Reloaded Conference is full of speakers, panelists, and fearless women who embody our spiritual, educational, and professional aspirations in business and entrepreneurship. Doing research will prepare you to ask vital questions specific to your personal or professional life during Q&A’s.

7.      Networking: The hardest part of any conference is working outside your comfort zone and meeting new people. The Fearless Reloaded Conference gives you many opportunities to meet like-minded women who are looking to grow, achieve, and network just like you.

8.      Elevator Speech: For all you entrepreneurs looking to market and advertise your business, an elevator pitch is key to selling yourself. This business essential is all about summing up key factors and points of your business to individuals that can help grow and expand your vision. Practice, practice, practice

 The line up is so dope you are not going to want to miss this experience. We can’t wait to speak with you, meet you at the Fearless Reloaded Conference! Don’t forget to book your hotel, pack a fly outfit, and come with an open mind and be ready to receive. 

Written by: Desiree Johnson

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