Why Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert are Redefining YOUNG LOVE


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When Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert made the decision to put their new family on display in Kanye West’s FADE video premiere during the 2016 MTV Awards, I doubt they expected to become the new version of #relationshipgoals. While the majority of the world obsessed over the new mommy’s snapback and the #FADE trending topic has come and gone, the duo continues to create a lasting impact on our outlook when it comes to marrying your best friend at a young age and working to win together.

That lasting impact is exactly what is helping the Shumperts to redefine the stigma behind “Young Love.” A few years ago Psychology Today posted an article entitled: “Confronting the Complexities of Young Love.” The article broke love down into three parts: Rewards, Responsibilities, and Risks. In brief, the article describes Young Love as guilty of being reward driven. A couple in young love is young in age and for the most part, each person individually has yet to live a life full of challenges and major setbacks but instead lives littered with bouts of instant gratification. They are infatuated with each other and consumed by the “Rewards” of affection, attention, and “free love”. Young Love has no management or accountability in the relationship yet because it has not gone through anything.

The Shumperts, both under thirty with Teyana being 26 and Iman 27, are known to post a video on IG re-enacting 90’s classics with Teyana starring as Lil Kim and Iman rocking signature Diddy moves; showing followers and trolls alike that they are not only smoking hot, but they also have something deeper than the physical. They have a friendship that they can enjoy once the looks fade and memories full of laughter are used to entertain them. This friendship and partnership is what shines through to everyone they come in contact with. It is also why the two encounter so many people who are so in love with their love. This is the “Rewards” category of behavior in their relationship. It keeps both of them happy and willing to do the work they need to do to take care of their joint “Responsibility” and core of their family unit, their beautiful baby girl Junie.

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According to the Psychology, today article the “Responsibility” in a relationship has to be shared. This is something that can kill a relationship because it forces one party or the other to sacrifice for the greater good of the couple. Young people under the age of thirty may have a hard time understanding that concept of selflessness. However, the Shumpert's have mastered the art of sacrificing for each other in order to help one another secure a bag for their family unit and more importantly, raise their child. Taylor has made sacrifices to be with Shumpert while he completes his NBA basketball contract in Cleveland which provides him with a stable home life to aid in on-court performance. And Shumpert has gotten over the sultriness of Teyana’s stage personality that enables her to create a great stage performance and fulfill her personal career aspirations.


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Recently, 26-year-old Teyana sat down with the Hot 97 Ebro In The Morning Crew and broke down how she and the hubby help each other work towards their career goals. When asked about her feelings on the Kyrie Irving trade the songstress answered:  

“My eyes are on my prize. One thing about Iman is, he’s such a hard worker so we’re always tryna better him and we are always tryna better me. If I gotta go to the gym with him...the same way he is in the studio you know we write together, he’s writing on my album. He helped write on my first album. We really just tryna better one another and I think that’s what it’s about and raising our kid. So we kinda are out the loop.”

The pair has created a give and take that works for their family and also requires the third category of behavior in a successful relationship, “Risk.” Because they involve themselves in each other’s careers they are taking a big risk in mixing business with pleasure. This means that in order to have each other around constantly, they have to commit to a level of honesty and realness that is above “hurt feelings.” This realness is what their careers and family depends on. The two young professionals have grasped the ability to effectively intertwine Rewards, Responsibility, and Risk to block out the outside world to focus on their lives together all before the age of thirty and that’s why we love their young love.

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Psychology Today Article: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/surviving-your-childs-adolescence/201307/confronting-the-complexity-young-love

Written by: Chay Rodriguez