Demolish your Comfort Zones


“A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break out of your comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown. — ”Denis Waitely

How many times have we put off dreams because it required us to take a risk and venture into the unknown? Our natural instinct as humans is to create a space of comfort and stick with it. Although there is nothing wrong with having a comfort zone, the problem arises when that comfort zone hinders us from being fearless with making our dreams a reality.  Remember life begins at the end of your comfort zone. So it’s time to demolish those comfort zones and live a fearless life going after our goals and making our dreams a reality. 

Demolishing my comfort zone was a big step in going after my dreams. For years I did what was considered the norm, go to school, find a job and work, but I was never truly satisfied because inside a small voice continued to whisper to me that it was more than I could be doing. I continued to ignore that small voice until that voice became louder and I could not ignore it anymore. Are there certain things that you would like to do or obtain in life?  Yet the fear of stepping outside of your norm has hindered you. Trust me, I understand. Once I started to listen to that voice I felt like my life was becoming fulfilled and had a purpose. But eventually, I hit a bump in the road when someone did not believe in my dream, leaving me feeling as if I was not good enough. I quickly went back into my comfort zone and forgot about my dreams. That was a big mistake. Instead of learning that everyone will not believe in your dreams I accepted defeat and told myself that dreams do not come true.

If you are still unsure about demolishing those comfort zones, remember taking risks is what helps us grow. Every celebrity that we admire at some point took a risk. Oprah, who was fired from her first broadcasting job took a risk by hosting her own talk show, but that dream eventually turned into a multi-million dollar company.  Beyonce’ took a risk and stepped away from her popular girl group Destiny Child to become the number 1 recording pop artist. Ava Duvernay did not pick up a camera until she was in her mid 30’s and she went on to become an Emmy winning producer and director.

Remember your mind is a powerful weapon that can either make you or break you. Do not allow your negative thoughts stop you from reaching your fullest potential. Just because something seems comfortable right now, does not mean it will be comfortable a month from now. Be fearless and listen to the small voice inside and follow your dreams.

Written by: Katrina Bryant