Partner Spotlight: WEI Atlanta


Fearless Mag recently partnered with WEI Atlanta for our Fearless Moguls event held on Friday September 21st at the Spanx Headquarters. It was such an incredible partnership with WEI because of all that they do for women in the city of Atlanta. Here are a few highlights of who they are and what they do for female entrepreneurs. WEI is located at 84 Peachtree St. NE 11th Floor Atlanta, GA 30303.

What is WEI Atlanta?

Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI) is led by Executive Director Theia Smith and serves to provide unprecedented access to the human, educational and financial capital critical to empowering early stage company-building entrepreneurs, who just so happen to be women. While we recognize and diligently work to revolutionize the economic and social inequities faced by women business owners, we also stand firm in our belief that being a women and an entrepreneur can mutually coexist, and marginalizations based on gender must be minimized, in order for talent to be maximized.

How to you become apart of WEI?

You can be selected if you are woman entrepreneur living and/or licensed to do business in Atlanta. If selected you will go through a 15-month program – running January 2018 through March 2019 – fosters growth and sustainability through business education, financial literacy, access to mentors and consultants, and peer-to-peer networking. Other criteria include:

The business must be 100 percent woman-owned and the owner must reside in and/or be licensed to do business within the City of Atlanta;

  • Valid, up-to-date business license must be on file with the City of Atlanta;

  • Proof of profit generated by the business’s operations;

  • Three or fewer people (including the founder) employed at the business;

  • A business model favorable to being located in a collaborative, shared workspace environment;

  • Submission of completed application, per its requirements; and

  • Willingness to participate in in-person pitch interview(s) with the Selection Committee.

When can you apply for the program?

Unfortunately, applications for 2018- 2019 have closed out so make sure you are on the look out for the next time that WEI opens its doors. If you have questions about the WEI application process send them over to 

Women are always looking for a resource and here is one that will surely be beneficial to you on your entrepreneur journey. Take a minute to visit their website over at WEI Atlanta.