How to Relax and Master Your Mind


My life is often a never-ending to-do list. There are days I feel as if I am living out of my car trying to get everything done. Like many women, I juggle a lot of things and never often neglect to  reserve time for myself. This can result in having a very anxious lifestyle.  Even though, I prayed to have a ton on my plate and I’ve accepted this level of productivity as my new world, it still gets hard sometimes if it is not managed well.

Sometimes I just need a minute to relax and forget all the swirling thoughts in my mind, and to reset. So, I’ve recently picked up a “healthy mindset regimen”. This regimen has allowed me to stop panicking about the little things and enjoy life a little bit more. Here are some of the things I’ve started doing to help myself master my mind whilst becoming more of the woman I want to be:

1. Focusing on myself. We live in a world that praises “the glow up” and “the grind”. Yet, we rarely see the behind the scenes of another person’s accomplishments. We just see the highlight reel. Learning to  take time out of your week to just focus on you is very important. It’s okay to be a nurturer, but investing in yourself never gets old and you will most definitely get a return every time you self-invest.

2. Learning to saying no and sticking to it. Another part of chasing the bag is having to constantly stay on the networking scene. This can get old if you allow yourself to be pulled in a million directions. These days, I say no and I no longer use all my energy trying to pour into others. I need to say yes to myself and what will fuel my soul.  If this means less nights out and more nights praying, then so be it. Because if I'm not good emotionally and mentally, then I'm no good.

3. Stay out of your own way. I've been battling with anxiety as I'm still learning to practice mindfulness. But, I've learned that allowing anxiety to rule my thoughts will only block my blessings. So, I just let God do His thing. I don’t give in to self-deprecating thoughts and long pity parties. It keeps me feeling small. I choose to dust myself off and move on to the next phase of my journey. It doesn’t matter if I fail. All that matters is how I recover and how long it takes me to get back up.

4. Stop trying to force friendships and relationships. Though I'm an introvert, I still enjoy being around people. This used to get me in trouble because I had no idea how to create boundaries or practice discernment. In other words, your girl got played- and badly. It left me feeling anxious and fearful during my daily interactions because I didn’t know where I stood with people. One day, I just stopped caring and only engaged with those who gave me reciprocal energy. 

5.  Take time to heal. We are all on our own journeys finding ourselves and rebuilding ourselves. We deserve patience. Right now, I'm in my healing phase. I'm taking time away to deal with the things that still hurt. I might appear to be laying low. You might be the last priority on my list for a while. I might cancel brunch for a hot yoga session. Don't take it personal. I'm just healing. Healing can be painful, but one thing I know for sure is that when God wants to take you higher, He has to go deeper.

Although it isn’t always easy, I persevere. For that, I'm so proud of myself and you should be too. 

Article Written By: Gabrielle Reed


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