Busy Day? Learn How To Multi-Task


Photo Credit: Pinterest

The next level always requires more. Sometimes we want more, but don’t necessarily want the discipline and action that comes along with it. If your days are getting the best out of you, it is time to try a different approach. Fearless Magazine can help.


I swear by a planner. For me, everything has to be written down in order for it feel real. That means doctor’s appointments, brunch dates with the girls, and everything in between-dates and times included. The thrill I get whenever I cross off something off my to-do list fuels me to remain consistent.

Do It Anyway

There is this notion that we only do the things that make us happy. Well, that’s not reality. There will be those tasks that will not be exciting to you. This is why staying motivated is important. Whenever you are lacking in energy, just get it done. Afterwards, you will feel so much more accomplished and ready to slay the rest of your day.

Watch Your Faves

Go on Instagram and Twitter. You can find at least one fearless woman to be your mentor in your head. Maybe watching their Instagram stories can inspire you to walk one last time around the track. On the other hand, maybe just reading their Instagram posts can make you remember why you do the things you do. Whoever that woman is for you, mirror some of what she does and incorporate that into your daily routine.

Be Realistic

Not everything will get finished all the time. You might have a day where you meet all your deadlines, and still have to order takeout for dinner. It’s okay. You are human. You deserve breaks. You deserve to say stop when life gets too hectic. Remember that and you will be fearless every day of your life.

By Gabrielle Reed