4 Tips To Help You Fearlessly Transition Into A New Career


Starting over in any way is scary, right? It’s even scarier when you are getting ready to transition into a new career. Don’t fear. Fearless Magazine has 4 fearless tips to help you revamp your career:

Commit to a New Job First

Sometimes we loathe staying in one job so much that we count the chickens before they even hatch. Meaning, we decide to leave one job without another one lined up. Always go through the interview and hiring process before resigning. It will display that you are forthcoming, and mostly, it will show your present company that you are still that respectable employee they hired. P.S. When you show up to your next interview, incorporate a couple cute pieces from our fun, fly, fabulous clothing line Shop Fearless.

Good References

A good reference will take you far. Please make sure you get a reference from your manager a couple months prior to leaving your job. Not only will this aid in your job search, but also it will make you feel confident about your work experience. If necessary, tell your reference which position you are applying for and its descriptions so they can vouch for you when the companies come calling.

Budget Wisely

We all know how finances can be. They can be up and down. Still, nothing is impossible when you are fearless. Try to create a budget so that when it is time for you to leave, you have a few checks saved away for a rainy day. Also, don’t forget to plan for your first and last paychecks. You will thank yourself later!

You Can Do This!

Many people stay at the same company for years with lost dreams. They never gave themselves permission to live out loud. Pat yourself on the back for being brave enough to say leap out on faith. Remember that this is a fresh start. You cannot afford to entertain old ways of thinking that may have hindered you in your previous corporate position. It is time to step up to the plate and become the professional you know yourself to be.

Once you put in your two weeks’ notice, there will be challenges up ahead. You may wonder if you are making a mistake by letting that one job go. Stand firm in your convictions. Know that having a professional career means continuous growth. The moment the growth stops….you’re way too comfortable. Here at Fearless Magazine, comfort zones are just not our thing.

By Gabrielle Reed