How Beychella Inspires Women To Be Fearless


On Monday at Coachella (now famously referred to as Beychella), Beyoncé once again slayed and took names. Watching her strut to the stage in a royal garb really reiterated to me that we as women are a.) queens and b.) completely capable of achieving our wildest dreams.

Of course, not every woman can sing and dance full out for about two hours. But, we all have one gift that is our superpower; one thing that we can do flawlessly. We all just need to be courageous enough to showcase it.

Here’s a few takeaways from Beyoncé’s historic performance:

Don’t be afraid to take risks

Beyoncé could’ve came out and did a full set with all her hits without thinking out the box. People still would have enjoyed the show. But, she decided to take a moment to educate her audience about her specific culture and highlight HBCU’s. So, the next time you’re given a chance to present yourself on a major platform, do something innovative.

Be the first!

She made history as the first black woman to headline Coachella. In her career, she has had a lot of firsts. My question to you is: What are you doing that’s never been done before? Are you positioning yourself to break barriers for yourself and other women?

Bring your girls along

Not only did Beyoncé show up and shout out, but the iconic girl group Destiny’s Child did as well. Together, they entertained a crowd of people with girl power anthems galore. This should encourage you to move forward and create spaces for the friends who have been with you since the start. Your collective impact will make even more of a difference in the world.

Be Fearlessly You

Beyoncé has come into her own as a woman. She no longer looks for validation from the masses. She embraces imperfection but strives for excellence. She is the queen-point blank period. You are a queen, too. Never look down upon yourself. Believe in your gifts and your talents. Also, know that you have influence and others look to you to be an example.

Work Hard

After watching the two-hour spectacle, it was evident how much hard work Beyoncé had to put in for that performance to go over well. It just shows that hard work beats talent any day. Yes, it’s great that you have talent. But, what are you doing with your talent? If you’re not working at your craft daily, then it’s time to make some adjustments.

Fearless Magazine wants the women who read our articles to feel empowered and special. Here at Fearless Magazine, we know that stepping into fearlessness can be scary at first. If you wrestle with fear, know that there are women who have come before you and accomplished great feats.

By Gabrielle Reed