How to Start Your Fitness Journey

Photo Credit: Pintrest

Photo Credit: Pintrest

Health is wealth. Meaning, one must always go after their health goals. Yet, a lot of us don’t take our health as seriously as we should. We either focus on the number on the scale too much, deny ourselves our favorite food, or we don’t monitor what we eat at all.

True health is not really about how much you weigh; it’s about being fearless when it comes to your health and treating our bodies well. Here’s what you can do to jumpstart your fearless health journey:

Change your lifestyle

Sometimes we try to implement diets and lose-weight-quick schemes in order for us to shed a few pounds. Usually, this isn’t the healthiest thing for our body. What we need is to address what we’re eating and make changes there. It doesn’t have to be super life-altering at first either. You can make an effort to incorporate more greens into your meals. Eventually, your mind and body will be trained to desire certain foods.

Get active

Being active does not only do the body good, but it improves your overall mood. Exercising does not have to be boring. You can take a dance class, a swim class, and you can even host workout parties at your home. Try to be as creative and fun as possible. You will find that working out isn’t so bad after all.

Go to see a doctor

Always try to have your yearly check-up. It’s essential to your health. You deserve to know what’s going on with your body. Never hesitate to bring up your concerns to your doctor. Ensure that you leave with questions answered. If you ever need a second opinion, always find another doctor that you trust. Also, never ignore the red flags.

Block out negativity

Anything that is negative should be nonexistent in your world. You should never care what others are saying about you, especially if they’re not on your team. If it does tend to bother you, then try to be as affirming of yourself as possible. You can read great self-help books and you can surround yourself with positive energy. What you intake and partake in can have an effect on your mental health. Your mental health can determine a lot of things in your daily life. Choose a positive mindset and positive surroundings. Watch yourself grow less fearless.

After reading this, I hope that you are ready to become the healthiest version of you. Understand the journey to optimal health is a long one. The best part is is that you’ve already got a head start. Remember to always advocate for your own well-being and to stay fearless.

By Gabrielle Reed