3 Ways to Effectively Live a Better Life

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As we encourage women to continuously be fearless, fun, fly and fabulous we understand that it is hard to live a perfectly balanced an effective work, home and social life. Here are a couple of tips to help you change your outlook and behaviors today so that you can experience a better tomorrow.

Be Prepared - We can be more confident in our everyday journey if we are simply more prepared. The better you prepare for your daily tasks the less anxious you will be that something will go wrong or that you will forget one.

Motto: Prepare yourself and walk in confidence.

Stay Organized - A major part of being prepared is being organized. Planning your day effectively allows you to manage your time so that you can squeeze in breaks, lunch, a workout and more. We suggest that you use a planner or an app on your phone to keep note of your hectic schedule. Being able to see the tasks and events that you are responsible for by date and time allows you to be a more accountable person.

Motto: Conquer your day one task at a time.

Be Fearless - There is no doubt that being prepared and organized can help you to live a more stress-free life. Fearless, however gives you a different type of control over your life. Not to be confused with recklessness we mean be fearless in the pursuit of your goals. The word no often controls our life and prevents us from living in our fullest potential. We encourage you to try and remove the word no from your life and the opportunities presented to you. We are not referring to giving your children permission to do what they please, but rather giving yourself some freedom. Often time we say yes to the work load and the stress but never agree to the life changing opportunities that may scare us or that we refuse to make time for. Simply try to say yes to new opportunities; whether that’s a friend inviting you to a new exercise class, a chance at a date after you’ve been out of the game, or something as simple as trying a new food.

Motto: Realize that you are in control of your life, instead of vice versa than you will be happier.

These are three easy steps that you can take tomorrow and if you try to apply them to your daily habits they can transform your life. We are encouraging you are fearless, fun, fly and fabulous women to take one step closer to creating your ideal life of success and happiness.