IMARA Retreat: The Art of Excellence and Empowerment


As Fearless Women, it’s so important to be in an environment that pushes you to strive for excellence and empowers you to achieve your dreams. Our founder Arian Simone, had the pleasure of sharing her fearless journey, during the Imara Retreat put on by The Colored Girl, in the beautiful Morocco. Her journey to the Imara Retreat was an answered prayer.


When our founder, Arian Simone, was asked about her experience, she was overwhelmed with gratitude:

"I am just overjoyed with gratitude. I wrote down in October that I wanted to travel to  Africa and by November I was invited to speak at this retreat. God has truly blessed me more than I could ever have imagined. I am so thankful for this life I am living and I am forever grateful that he continues to move on my behalf." - Arian Simone

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When she arrived in Morocco, she was immersed in the beauty of the culturally rich city of Marrakesh. Hundreds of women from all over the globe gathered at the Jnane Tamsna, to experience the Imara Retreat put on by Victory Jones and Tori Elizabeth, The founders of The Colored Girl, a boutique focused on making diversity the new normal for advertising.

“IMARA is a mindful movement which aims to bridge the gap, between artists of color and the audiences of color. By creating awareness on an everyday level, using special connections within the communities of color, and correlating these in an artistic way, within an empowering environment; via an exclusive, thoughtfully curated experience. Specifically for women of color, who tend to be the trendsetters within their communities. This is an experience like no other… FOR US, BY US.” - The Colored Girl

The week long experience, in partnership with Veyep Sports, Uber, Cover FX, Bacardi, and a host of other large & small business, was the experience of a lifetime. The IMARA Retreat included amazing panel discussions and curated events.


Our founder Arian Simone and Alechia Reese spoke on The Art of Fearlessnesses Panel. Arian Simone had the amazing opportunity to speak about being a fearless entrepreneur. The name IMARA is befitting for her fearless journey. IMARA means power, persistence and presence in Swahili. As a fearless entrepreneur it’s important to possess these qualities.

1.) Power

There is power in your journey. Your journey will shape you into the person you were always meant to be. Your journey will inspire so many others to not only go after their goals, but stay persistent, until they see the fruits of their labor.

2.) Persistence

It’s power in persistence! Being a fearless entrepreneur you encounter many no’s. That just means either your asking the wrong question or asking the wrong person. It’s important to be persistent after your goals in life.

3.) Presence

It’s important as a business women to be aware of your presence. Make sure your always paying attention and learning from others around you. The women next to you, may have the answer for something you’ve been struggling with. It’s power in vulnerability and being in the moment.


This sums up the powerful women who spoke at the IMARA Retreat. From Bozoma Saint John, the Chief Brand Officer of Uber, Terri Matthews a self made millionaire, to Dr. Michelle Henry, and so many other amazing women. Each women who attended had a powerful testimony and were able to connect through this unique experience. The relationships and bonds formed were so pure and lifelong friendships were made. From visiting the Musee Yves Saint Laurent to watching a polo game at the Marrakech Polo Club, each experience was curated to leave a lasting effect on every women who attended.


Make sure to add the IMARA Retreat on your 2019 travel list. Every women should experience the power that happens when we collectively come together. Magic happens! Thank you to The Colored Girl and their amazing sponsors, for putting together a life changing experience. 


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Arian Simone